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Dear TCK friends, I want your stories! Decades after my parents first dragged my brother and me across the globe, I’m now raising two TCK’s of my own. I would like to give them – and all their TCK friends – an assurance that they are not alone. Even though we might not feel exclusively affiliated with any certain country or nationality, we are very much affiliated with everybody else who shares our wonderful, tormented, privileged, colorful, challenging, border-hopping upbringing. Right?

We are going to publish three collections of essays/short stories to Amazon Kindle and iBooks, and are looking for contributions. The primary target audience for this set is middle school students in international schools. There will also be a teacher’s guide with questions, activities and advice on how to use these books in class.

The topics of the collections are:

  1. Moving Memories
  2. Friendships
  3. Repatriation

The proceeds from the ebooks will all be reinvested in this essay project (marketing, legal fees, possibly hardcopy printing, school workshops, etc). What we offer You is the pride of seeing your story published and available to readers across the globe through iTunes and amazon.com; and the gratification of passing your priceless wisdom and experience on to the next generation TCK’s.

The format requirements of the essays is available here, and the deadline is Feb. 14, 2015.

I can’t wait to publish your stories! Oh, and please feel free to share this post if you know somebody who would like to donate an essay too.

xx Linn

3 comments on “Donate an Essay

  1. Thuy Anh McGrath
    January 10, 2015

    I had posted this quite a while ago, so it has a couple typos, however I thought that it would be a good chance to share my story for those who want to understand more or to find a connection with TCKs.


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